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Investor event with a focus on opportunities within life science


NEWS. On November 9, 2023, Sciety invited its investor network to an exclusive event on the theme of future scenarios and opportunities within life science. The evening featured a panel discussion on data-driven precision medicine with Tommi Unkuri, Partner and…

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Sciety’s portfolio company Neogap raises SEK 83 million


PRESS RELEASE. Sciety och Sciety Venture Partners have invested SEK 54 million in Neogap Therapeutics (Neogap), a Swedish clinical-stage biotech company that develops personalised immunotherapy for cancer treatment with the help of two emerging technologies. The company has also been…

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Lots of opportunities, lots to be done

Sweden takes the lead

Sweden is Northern Europe's most dynamic market for life sciences, with a strong focus on innovation and collaboration. It is in the top five among the world's countries in terms of investment in research and development.

Long-term demand

An aging population, increasing incidence of lifestyle diseases, and more demanding health care consumers are increasing demand for drugs, innovative medical technology, and digital solutions.

Precision medicine and genomics

The biotechnological revolution creates new opportunities to develop customized treatments for each individual disease case. This in turn leads to increased demand for precision diagnostics and technology solutions in areas such as genomics.

Growth companies on top

Growth companies in the biopharma sector are behind the majority of all new drugs approved by the FDA. Increasing numbers of partnership agreements are also being signed between Big Pharma and smaller companies.

More tech in healthcare

Digital solutions are being implemented at a fast pace. Efforts to streamline healthcare processes, cost savings, and improved health care quality as well as increased demand for on-demand care are drivers behind this trend.

Life saving advancements

Over the past 100 years, the global average life expectancy has more than doubled and is now 73 years. The child mortality rate in the world has declined by nearly 75% since 1950. Significant medical advances are one of the causes behind this positive development.

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Companies we are investing in right now

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Some of our portfolio companies

Neuron cell close-up 3D rendering illustration with nervous impulses along the dendrites, the axon, the soma and nucleus. Neuronal and brain activity, nervous system, neuroscience, neurology, anatomy, medicine concepts.

Pharmnovo AB

PharmNovo is a pharmaceutical company at the clinical stage of developing a unique type of treatment for nerve pain (neuropathic pain), a condition currently lacking effective and safe treatment. The company is currently finalising its clinical phase I study and is advancing its preparations for a phase II study.

Neogap Therapeutics AB

NEOGAP Therapeutics develops a new type of personalised therapy for the treatment of cancer. The company uses proprietary machine learning algorithms and patented technology to tailor the treatment for each patient and its specific tumour cells.

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Encare AB

Encare not only contributes to more cost-effective surgery but also reduces complications and saves lives through their proprietary software solution that helps hospitals implement best practice throughout the entire care chain – from diagnosis and preparation to surgery and rehabilitation.

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Capitainer - Medtech-platform for self-sampling of blood

Capitainer AB

Capitainer offers a unique platform for the self-sampling of fingertip blood and plasma based on a patented microfluidic technology. The products enable easy home sampling with high precision, delivering value across the entire care chain.

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