Meet our team


Andreas Lindblom


Andreas has experience from both clinical practice and research in health care. He is the founder of a medical simulation and training center for minimal invasive surgery at Karolinska University Hospital. Since 2004, Andreas has worked in financial markets, focusing on stock trading and was the founder and CEO of the electronic stock broker Spring Securities. He is a trained physicist and physiotherapist.

Sciety_Gunnar Lundgren

Gunnar Lundgren

Investment Manager

Gunnar Lundgren has more than 20 years of experience working with investment advice in the banking and insurance industry. He most recently comes from Handelsbanken Liv where his latest position was Senior Financial Advisor, Business Development. Prior to that, he was Head of Sales for Private Banking Asia in Singapore for four years. Gunnar has previously worked as Head of Sales/Area Manager at the insurance company Handelsbanken Liv and as Head of Marketing & Sales at Handelsbanken Finance.

Sciety_Johan Mjöberg

Johan Mjöberg

Investment Manager

Johan has worked for 20 years in finance and has thorough experience in the field of share issues and capital raising. He was previously Deputy CEO of Aqurat Fondkommission, Head of Issuer Services at Aktieinvest FK and before that at Carnegie Investment Bank. As a Nasdaq Certified Adviser, Johan guided companies in the listing process and provided advice on the companies’ communication to the stock market.

Sciety_Teodora Andonova

Teodora Andonova

Investment Analyst

Teodora has performed experimental medical research for eight years and holds a PhD in Medical Science from Karolinska Institutet, where she conducted research on cancer with a focus on targeted therapies. Previously she studied biomedicine at Karolinska Institutet, was an active member of the Swedish Young Shareholders' Association, and studied medical innovation and entrepreneurship through Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship.

Portrait of Joseph Bergenstråhle, Investment Analyst at Sciety.

Joseph Bergenstråhle

Investment Analyst

Joseph holds a PhD in Biotechnology from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm/SciLifeLab. His research involved methodological development for spatial transcriptomics. He has many years of experience in investing in global financial markets with a focus on growth companies in the life science sector.


Malin Härdig


Malin previously held the position of CFO at the electronic stock broker Spring Securities where she developed the company’s finance and risk functions. Prior to this, Malin worked as an analyst at the corporate finance company Billström & Mucher, as a translator at PwC and as an accounting assistant at H&M. Malin studied accounting and financial management at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Portrait of Christina Sterner, Back Office Manager at Sciety

Christina Sterner

Back Office Manager

Christina has many years of experience in regulatory compliance and risk management and held most recently the position of Operational Compliance Officer at Aon. Prior to that, she was the Claims Manager for Aon Sweden’s health claims department responsible for claims management, insurance, and claims administration.

Sciety_Charlotte Smirnova

Charlotte Smirnova

Marketing & Communication Manager

Charlotte has 20+ years of experience in language and communication from among others Norstedts Ordbok, BabyBjörn, and most recently Framfot Company Training. At BabyBjörn, she was for many years Senior Linguistic Manager and later Managing Editor for the company's multilingual online magazine. As Digital Content Creator at Framfot, she managed the company's content marketing.

Daniel Borg_Sciety

Daniel Borg

IT Manager

Daniel has worked in IT for twenty years and comes most recently from Stockholm University's IT Department. As System Administrator for the university’s knowledge base, he was responsible for integrations with ITSM and strategies for knowledge sharing and self-service. Daniel has also been the System Specialist for electronic elections to departments and faculty boards at the university.

External board members and advisors

Portrait of Erik Hjelmstedt, Chairman of the board of Sciety.

Erik Hjelmstedt

Chairman of the Board

Erik is COO of KRY and an Advisory Board Member at Wistrand Advokatbyrå. He has many years of experience in media and IT management and was previously Head of Change Office at Schibsted Media Group, COO of Schibsted Sweden and a Board Member of, among others, Schibsted Growth, Svenska Dagbladet, Aftonbladet and Erik holds a master's degree from Stockholm School of Economics.

Portrait of Gunnar Ahlberg, Chief Medical Officer at Sciety.

Gunnar Ahlberg

Medical Director

Gunnar is a surgeon and earned his Ph.D. at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. He has 30 years of clinical and strategic experience in senior management positions in healthcare. He is the Chief Medical Officer for GHP Specialty Care, a Board Member of EAES, and a researcher at Karolinska Institutet. Formerly, Gunnar was Head of Business Development at Praktikertjänst, CEO of Sollentuna Specialistklinik, and Head of Department at Sabbatsberg Hospital.

Portrait of Bengt Julander, Senior Advisor at Sciety.

Bengt Julander

Senior Advisor

Bengt is a pharmacist and began his career in the pharmaceutical industry in 1978 at Astra. During the 1980s, Bengt was the Nordic General Manager of Baxter Healthcare. Since 1990, he has been an active investor and Board Member of a variety of life science companies. Bengt is the chairman of the board of Linc AB, an investment company with holdings in, among others, Medivir, Calliditas Therapeutics, and Sedana Medical.

Portrait of Thomas_Gidlund, Investment Manager at Sciety.

Thomas Gidlund


Thomas is an active business angel and investor in growth companies. He has a broad range of experience in the IT and finance sectors and was previously Head of Sales and Business Development at Aktietorget (now Spotlight) and Burgundy Oslo Börs, the founder of Exnet Transaction Services, Product Manager at Itiviti and Sales Manager at Sungard Financial Systems.

About Sciety

Sciety is an investment syndicate striving to make innovations reach their full potential. Our experienced and committed team also provides market analyses and investor relation services to companies within our segments. 

Sciety AB (556990-3692) is regulated by Finansinspektionen and is a member of the Swedish Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (SVCA) and SwedenBIO (trade association for life science industry).

This is what our clients say

"I have invested in unlisted companies during a number of years. What I really appreciate with Sciety is that they very carefully consider my interests – from the first meeting to the completed investment. With Sciety, I feel confident that the relevant documents are in place and that I receive a very good decision-making basis for my investments."

Martin Öhrn, Private investor

"I can highly recommend Sciety. Their investor syndicate is very valuable to the high tech companies managed by SU Holding. We are, of course, also very pleased with the high return we received on our investment in EMPE Diagnostics."

Mona Wilcke, CEO of SU Holding

"The Sciety team is professional with a rare blend of expertise in life science, finance and entrepreneurship. Their network of investors is of great value for high tech companies such as Attana. Thanks to our fundraising with Sciety, we have also gained new, valuable competence in our board."

Teodor Aastrup, CEO of Attana

“Sciety offers a professional and structured way to access financing at an early stage. Life science projects are often difficult to analyse; therefore, Sciety’s focus on this segment is positive for both companies seeking financing and for investors looking for new investment possibilities.”

Fredrik Sjövall, CEO of Inhalation Sciences

"Sciety maintains an efficient process and provides solid experience in raising capital. We have received several competent and financially strong shareholders and for that we are very grateful."

Mats Hilmersson, CEO of Cavis Technologies

Why Life Science?

With challenges such as an aging population, life style and chronic illnesses, there is a major requirement for new forms of treatment and preventive measures. The industry is also characterised by an increasing degree of client awareness and cost efficiency. Today, we see new, interesting areas such as AI, precision medicines and remote healthcare growing very rapidly, creating the need of improved diagnostics, medical technology, digital platforms and new business models.

There are many prominent companies, researchers and clinics in Sweden developing today’s, and the future’s, healthcare and treatment solutions. We also see an increasing number of purchasers of new services and products –from healthcare providers and pharmacists to pharma and insurance companies, and from employers. Sciety sees a major investment potential in companies offering, new, effective solutions to healthcare providers in order that they can, in their turn, contribute to improved health for more people.