Unleashing the potential of life science and health tech innovations

Sciety is a long-term partner to investors and ventures in the Nordics

This is Sciety

Sciety is a leading investment company, committed to supporting the growth of innovative life science and health tech companies in the Nordic region. We invest alongside Sciety Venture Partners, comprising family offices, private investors and venture capital firms. Our mission is to enable the full potential of life science innovations, helping to bring breakthroughs in healthcare to people all over the world.

Our story

Sciety was started in 2016 by a founding team with diverse backgrounds in physics, business, medicine and finance. Since our start, we have invested over 1 billion SEK in 25 companies, whereof 8 companies have been successfully acquired or listed on the stock exchange. We are based in Stockholm, but travel across the Nordics to meet with leading ventures and investors.

What others have said over the years

Our team

Our team is comprised of scientists, business professionals, and entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of the life sciences and healthcare industries. With combined experience in business development, management, digital healthcare, scientific research, clinical practice, and investments, we are equipped to provide the necessary support and resources for companies to succeed.

Meet the team

“We invest in companies that have the potential to make a real difference in people’s lives, with the philosophy that financial return and impact should go hand in hand.”

Andreas Lindblom, Co-founder & Managing Partner

What it is all about

We believe that the impact of scientific advancements should not be limited to the laboratory. The company name Sciety represents the intersection of science and society. Our mission is to contribute to taking cutting-edge scientific research and innovations and translating it into products and services that can benefit society and bring about a healthier future.

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If you are interested in learning more about how we can work together, please contact us at support@sciety.se. If you are interested in joining our team, please visit our career page.