AI in healthcare drives smarter treatments and more precise diagnostics


INSIGHT. From intelligent material design to artificial intelligence. In the future, diagnosis and treatment will use artificial intelligence. There are already several examples in healthcare where artificial intelligence is providing smarter treatments and better diagnostics, and we have only scratched the surface. The market for artificial intelligence in healthcare is expected to exceed USD 100 billion by 2028, representing average annual growth of more than 47% compared to today.

Armed with vast medical knowledge, AI has showcased a remarkable ability to tackle a wide range of clinical questions. Therefore, AI also has enormous potential to contribute to the development of new drugs and match patients with the right treatment. Large pharmaceutical companies like AstraZeneca, as well as innovative technology companies, are now exploring this exciting area.

A perfect example is 82-year-old “Paul” (the patient’s real name was anonymised in the study), who struggled with aggressive blood cancer and seemed to have no options. Paul participated in a clinical trial conducted by the Medical University of Vienna, where AI models were used to select the right drug. Remarkably, two years later, Paul became completely cancer-free, thanks to a drug that had previously been deemed ineffective for his cancer type based on clinical trial results.

Researchers took a small tissue sample from Paul, which contained both healthy cells and cancer cells. The cells were then exposed to various drug combinations, where the researchers observed the cells’ reactions using robot automation and machine learning models. Essentially, the researchers mirrored traditional methods of matching patients with the right drugs, but instead of putting the patient through countless treatments over a long period of time, they tested a range of different treatments at the same time in a laboratory environment. Read more in MIT Technology Review.

This is just one example of all the opportunities that arise with new innovative technology. There is a lot of ongoing research on how processes for matching patients with the right drugs can be streamlined and how new drugs can be brought to market faster and more efficiently. We will continue to follow this exciting area closely!

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