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At the forefront of investing in life science in the Nordic region, we are not just investors but partners in growth. We are dedicated to helping selected companies reach their full potential and make a lasting impact on tomorrow’s life science and healthcare. Our comprehensive corporate communication services extend from crafting impactful web content and managing social media to strategic public relations and consistent shareholder communication. Tailored to each company’s unique goals, our approach integrates these elements seamlessly, ensuring that your message not only reaches but also engages the right audience. We ensure your voice is heard loud and clear in a crowded marketplace.

Building a strong brand

As a leading player in life science investments in the Nordics, we understand the importance of strong investor relations for growth companies in the industry. We actively assist the companies we partner with to communicate their messages clearly and effectively. Our goal is for these companies to reach a broad audience and establish strong brands among potential investors.

Expertise in life science, finance and communication

Our team at Sciety has a unique blend of expertise in life science, finance, and communication. We have in-depth knowledge of the life science industry and are in constant dialogue with investors in the sector. This enables us to offer customised communication services that enhance companies’ investor relations.

Effective communication

Effective communication is crucial in today’s information-rich world. We understand the challenges of producing relevant content and selecting the right channels, which is why we are here to help. Whether it involves press releases, shareholder updates, or digital marketing, we collaborate with you to create content that effectively communicates your business achievements and ongoing progress.

Your communication partner in a complex market

At Sciety, we work closely with our clients to help them navigate the complexities of the capital market. Our solid experience in life science and digital health, combined with our customised communication strategy, has established us as a trusted partner. We collaborate with companies across various sectors – pharmaceuticals, medtech, biotech, and digital health – supporting both listed and unlisted companies.

“We have been working with Sciety for several years now. What sets them apart is their ability to understand our business, communicate complex scientific concepts to non-scientific professionals, and help us communicate the business impact of our R&D efforts.”

Christopher Aulin
CEO Capitainer

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