Financing for growth companies within life science

What we offer

Sciety provides the entire project management of the process from production of presentation material to the funds arriving in your account. We initiate cooperation by identifying your requirements and establishing a time plan. Based on our specialist competence in life science and a structured approach, we contribute with an in-depth understanding of your operations, as well as expertise in the most efficient means of achieving your goals. Sciety assists in producing investment material, communication with investors and the administration of the investments.

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Focus on promising companies

Sciety focuses on prominent companies within biotechnology, digital health, pharmacology, ICT in healthcare and medical technology seeking to raise MSEK 10-100. The companies’ development phase depends on the area and innovation level. Pharmaceutical companies should be in the late preclinical phase or early clinical phase, while companies within digital health should have an initial user base. Sciety has a structured process for selecting and reviewing companies in which business potential and medical and legal aspects are analysed.

What our clients think

"This is the second occasion that PharmNovo has worked with Sciety, this time in a wider-ranging capital raise. As before, the very extensive investor network to which Sciety has access was essential in what proved to be a successful fundraising. The Sciety team is extremely professional, and their technical skills and experience in all aspects of business and science are outstanding. I will continue to recommend Sciety without reservation."

Prof David Kendall, CSO at PharmNovo

“Sciety has managed our capital raising in a very professional and structured way. I am particularly impressed by their dedicated focus and results-oriented approach throughout the process. Sciety has solid knowledge in life science and finance as well as a heavy network of investors, which means that I can warmly recommend them.”

Christopher Aulin, CEO of Capitainer

"PharmNovo chose Sciety as they have a large network of experienced life science investors. We have now expanded our shareholder base with investors who have knowledge about life science.  With clear processes, close dialogue, and generous knowledge sharing, we were guided through the capital raising from start to finish. The team is professional with both a great commitment, strong drive, and expertise in life science. I highly really recommend Sciety.

Per von Mentzer, CEO at PharmNovo

"I am very pleased with the cooperation and our successful funding round with Sciety. Despite the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, which significantly affects the willingness to invest, Sciety quickly managed to raise the capital. We are happy about the great interest in our unique treatment and welcome our new shareholders."

Fredrik Lehmann, Chairman of the board and co-founder of Synartro

"Sciety supported us in all parts of the financing process in an excellent way. In addition to the professional contact with relevant investors, I particularly appreciated the flexibility and drive of the process. The outcome was also very good with a fully funded business plan and a strong group of new partners who share our vision. "

Karl Bergman, CEO of Elypta

“We are very pleased with the collaboration with Sciety, which within a short time raised SEK 31 million for Capitainer. On top of that, we also acquired experienced and valuable investors with a background in life science. During the capital-raising journey, Sciety responded safely and professionally, always with us as a customer in focus.”

Ernst Westman, Chairman of the board of Capitainer

“As the founder and CEO, I am profoundly satisfied with Sciety’s services. They educated and trained us with a friendly approach and excellent business development skills. Sciety generated investments and invaluable expertise for EMPE Diagnostics AB that develops rapid diagnostic tests for antibiotic resistance, with a special focus on tuberculosis.  I can highly recommend Sciety!”

Pavan Asalapuram, CEO at EMPE Diagnostics

"Sciety offers a professional and structured way of attracting critical early venture funding. Life science projects are often complex to analyze and therefore Sciety’s focus on this specific segment is positive for both companies seeking investments and investors seeking new opportunities!"

Fredrik Sjövall, CEO at Inhalation Sciences

"Sciety provided valuable expertise and with their structured way of working, they took responsibility for all the necessary agreements, planning, and project management that was needed in the fundraising. Investments from their syndicate gave Predicare access to capital that now enables our broader expansion in Europe and further development of our product portfolio."

Mathias Myrén, CEO at Predicare

“The Sciety team is professional with a rare blend of expertise in life science, finance, and entrepreneurship.  Their network of investors is very good for high-tech companies such as Attana. Thanks to our fundraising with Sciety, we have also gained new valuable competence in our board.”

Teodor Aastrup, CEO at Attana

“We are very pleased with the outcome of the financing round through Sciety. The whole process was efficient and went very smoothly thanks to Sciety's competent and professional team. It was a fun and constructive collaboration.”

Malte Kühnemund, CEO at Cartana

Communication with the capital markets

What we offer

Sciety works proactively in communicating about the company to potential investors and to strengthen their relationships with existing shareholders. Based on our experience within life science and digital communication, we transform complex information to effective communication. Included in our communication package are, amongst other things, the design and distribution of press releases, communication in social media and digital channels, build up of the home web page and implementation of analysis tools.

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Is this for you

In the growth phase the core operations often receive all of the focus and it can be difficult to find time for communication. At the same time, relevant and continual communication is something which investors value notably. Our communications package is aimed at companies wishing to build up long-term relationships in the capital market in order to facilitate future capital acquisition. These services are appropriate for small and medium-sized companies within life science where there is a need of external capital within a three-year period.

What our clients think

“Sciety took care of all communication in conjunction with securing capital for our company. Their understanding of life science and finance made it possible for us to produce relevant and clear content in press releases and similar communication.

Through Sciety’s channels, we received market exposure in, amongst other places, Dagens Industri’s web page, something that was very valuable”.

Carina Schmidt, CEO at Athera Biotechnologies