How a strategic partnership with Sciety strengthened Capitainer’s market position

CASE STUDY. In this case study, we’re taking a look at how Capitainer strengthened their market position through a strategic partnership with Sciety. It all started when Capitainer, a medtech company specialising in at-home blood and urine sampling technologies, needed to raise external capital to make their vision a reality. The collaboration with Sciety resulted in a successful share issue that was fully subscribed in just two days. Capitainer’s long-term partnership with Sciety has also been pivotal in their strategic expansion into the US market, showcasing the global relevance of their self-sampling products. Let’s take a closer look at Capitainer’s partnership with Sciety and the significant milestones achieved.

The story of Capitainer

Capitainer was founded in 2016 by a team of scientists from Karolinska Institutet (KI) and Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), with the objective of simplifying blood collection processes. Professor Olof Beck, based at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology at KI, came up with the idea for Capitainer when he saw the overcrowded waiting rooms of the clinic and realised that collecting blood the traditional way would become a tremendous bottle neck in the future. He contacted Professor Göran Stemme and Associate Professor Niclas Roxhed at KTH to find a solution to the problem. Together with PhD Gabriel Lenk and business consultant Peter Bräutigam, they developed a revolutionary technology that is now at the heart of Capitainer’s self-sampling products.

Under the leadership of CEO Christopher Aulin, Capitainer obtained patents and CE marking for their products as well as acquiring customers across Europe. While the team had a clear vision, a self-developed proprietary technology, and a dedicated and experienced team – they needed capital to make their vision a reality.

Choosing a partner – and getting chosen

To Christopher Aulin and the rest of the Capitainer team, competence and trustworthiness were crucial in selecting an investment partner.

“Being newcomers to external financing, we faced a steep learning curve. Sciety was an ideal partner for our first fundraising thanks to their deep expertise in the field. They provided invaluable assistance in every aspect of securing funding, from effectively presenting our business case to identifying suitable investors and managing the intricate paperwork”, says Christopher Aulin, CEO of Capitainer.

Capitainer chose Sciety based on their thorough understanding of the life sciences sector and their reputation for having an effective investment process. Sciety’s detailed due diligence process as well as their operations, which signal competence and trust, were also key factors influencing Capitainer’s choice.

“We wanted to partner with an investment company that not only understood our business and our challenges but also ensured that investors could grasp our core business and our potential. This is what set Sciety apart as the ideal partner for Capitainer”, says Christopher Aulin.

Capitainer chose Sciety as an investment partner – but Sciety also chose Capitainer. This is a long process, and very few companies actually pass the needle’s eye of Sciety’s thorough selection process.

“Sciety’s rigorous selection process distinguishes them from others. They evaluate hundreds of businesses annually, and only a handful are selected. It takes a true expert to find the gems in the fast-growing life science field – and I am proud that Capitainer represents one of those chosen few!” says Christopher Aulin.

“Sciety’s expertise also extends to crafting investment materials, a domain we had limited experience in, but which is instrumental in attracting the right investors. We highly appreciated Sciety’s in-depth know-how of how to build an effective investor presentation.”

Christopher Aulin, CEO of Capitainer

Share issue fully subscribed in two days

Capitainer entered into a partnership with Sciety to raise capital and to leverage opportunities in the growing market for at-home health monitoring. The initial focus was to raise capital for scaling up Capitainer’s production and to increase sales.

The interest from investors was strong from the very beginning. Capitainer’s initial share issue of EUR 2,7 million in 2020 was fully subscribed within two days, signalling investors’ trust in the company’s vision and potential. Following this initial success, Sciety and investment syndicate Sciety Venture Partners supported Capitainer in raising additional funds three more times – in 2022, 2023 and 2024 – resulting in a total of EUR 12,5 million raised. Thanks to this substantial funding, Capitainer could accelerate its product development, sales efforts, product validations, and marketing strategies.

“In the 2023 funding round with Sciety, Capitainer finally got the funds to enter the US market and establish a US laboratory,” says Christopher Aulin.

Efficient collaboration and shared objectives

Working with Sciety, Capitainer was able to secure funding rapidly, reflecting their efficient collaboration and shared objectives. Capitainer’s self-sampling technology is now a reality, enabling individuals to conveniently collect a blood sample from themselves anytime and anywhere, and send it by regular mail to the laboratory for analysis.

Notable implementations for large-scale screening include a COVID-19 antibody analysis method for The Public Health Agency of Sweden, and monitoring kidney-transplanted patients at Oslo University Hospital, both utilising Capitainer’s self-sampling devices. Moving forward, Capitainer will focus on monitoring and screening withing the field of diabetes as well as thyroid and prostate cancer.

“Sciety is a crucial partner, supporting us in various ways, including investor relations and facilitating key connections. Their expertise and dedication demonstrate their commitment to supporting life science companies. Our focus is on unlocking our full potential as a company, not just reaching fast profitability. This requires time, expertise and capital injections, and Sciety stands by us every step of the way,” says Christopher Aulin.

Continued partnership for further growth

As the healthcare industry moves towards remote and personalised medicine, Capitainer’s products are strategically positioned in the growing at-home sampling market. The company’s self-sampling solutions facilitate better medical decision-making and healthcare outcomes by allowing more frequent monitoring.

Capitainer’s current product portfolio now comprises four different self-sampling cards and continues to expand with innovations for urine sampling and end-to-end cancer screening products. The partnership with Sciety, which provides life science expertise and investor relations support, remains an integral part of Capitainer’s ongoing growth and product development.

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