Swedish life science

Sciety selects investments in biotechnology, digital health, ICT within healthcare, pharmaceuticals and medical technology. The companies are in various development phases depending on the sector and innovation level. Pharmaceutical companies are often in an early clinical phase while, for example, digital health companies are to have an initial user base. The companies’ capital requirements are between MSEK 10 and MSEK 100. Sciety focuses on Swedish companies seeking to be acquired or listed within three years.

Careful selection

The companies presented have been subjected to our extensive selection and review process where, amongst other things, business potential, medical relevance and legal documents are reviewed. We have extensive experience within the industry and cooperation with research parks, healthcare providers and industry organisations. Sciety works actively to identify leading companies and knows the majority of Swedish companies within life science. Company information is stored in our company database, which facilitates structured work with analysis and selection.

Professional investors

Industry players, venture capital companies and experienced private investors with an interest in life science invest through Sciety. As a member you decide, yourself, the companies you wish to invest in and you become a direct shareholder which, amongst other things, makes possible tax deductions on the investments. These investments are most simply executed via our investment portal where complete details are found. Sciety ensures the quality of the investment process and handles the settlement notes, client funds and reconciliations.


Membership in the network provides exclusive invitations to presentations made by the companies’ management and, also, provides advance information regarding new investment possibilities. There is no fee for membership. In becoming a member, you will be asked a number of questions and your identity will be controlled with the aim offering a secure service complying with all financial regulations.


Venture capital companies, fund companies, financial intermediaries and government and industrial players co-invest with Sciety due to our far-reaching life science industry and health care expertise. Do you want to discuss a specific investment or establish long-term co-operation?

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