Become a shareholder in companies shaping the life science sector

Qualified companies

Sciety wants to give you access to investment opportunities in promising companies in the life science sector. We have long experience in the sector and we select companies in collaboration with science parks and companies in the sector. All companies presented on the platform have been evaluated in three steps.

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In the first step, Sciety’s investment committee evaluates the company’s business case. The committee includes entrepreneurs, physicians, professional investors and business professionals.

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In our second step, we perform a legal review of the company and its management. The review is performed in collaboration with independent lawyers and a summary of the outcomes is available for our members.

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Investment opportunity

In our third step, we verify details on customers, market outlook and other significant facts in the company’s investment information. You are solely responsible for your investment decisions, but it can be reassuring to know that we have evaluated the companies.

Become a member in the network

A membership in Sciety gives access to deal flow within the life science sector. You will find all investment information in the company Deal Room and you will also be invited to investor lunches with the companies.


You can complete your investment online and pay for the shares via our escrow account. If a company you invest in does not reach its funding target, the money will be refunded to your bank account.

Allocation of shares

In general, shares are allotted in accordance with the principle first-come first-served. Once the shares have been allotted, Sciety will verify that investors have been listed in the company’s records of shareholders and send a confirmation via e-mail.


You will own your shares directly in the company which give you the right to participate on shareholders’ meetings and in many cases tax relief. Funded companies generally keep shareholders updated on a quarterly basis.

Sciety is your investment partner

Sciety manages the full process, from selection of companies to completed investment. Our mission is to make it straight-forward, secure and inspiring to become a shareholder in unlisted growth companies.

Qualified companies

Companies are selected in collaboration with industry partners and evaluated by medical, legal and business professionals.

Secure payment

Invested capital is held on Sciety’s escrow account until the financing round has been finished. Sciety is authorized by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority to manage money transfers on behalf of clients.

Straightforward investing

complete investment information is available in the company Deal Room and you can make investments directly from your Sciety account.

Investor protection

Professional shareholders’ agreements give investors rights in addition to the rights given by the Swedish Companies Act. The agreements have been reviewed by Sciety and are available in the respective company’s Deal Room.

Experienced co-investors

Our network includes physicians, professional board members, business angels, psychologists, successful entrepreneurs, business developers and many more profiles.

Free of charge

Our service is completely free of charge for investors. No membership fees, commission or other fees.

Invest with Sciety

Sciety gives you the opportunity to invest in unlisted growth companies with the potential to give return on investment and make a difference. We specialise in the life science sector.