Meet the duo behind one of the leading investment companies in life science in the Nordics

Sciety has quickly become a prominent player within investments in unlisted life science companies in the Nordics. Founded in 2016 by Andreas Lindblom and Malin Lindblom, Sciety was born from the idea of helping investors find good companies in life science—a field that typically requires industry knowledge. Hear from the founders about Sciety’s journey, what drives them as entrepreneurs, and what it’s like to run a company together as a married couple.

Andreas Lindblom and Malin Lindblom – the founding duo behind Sciety

Tell us about Sciety

Sciety is an investment company focused on life science and digital health. We exclusively invest in growth companies that have the potential to make a real difference in people’s lives. We evaluate hundreds of life science companies each year and select those that we believe have the highest potential to succeed in their fields. Sciety invests together with Sciety Venture Partners, an investor network comprised of high net worth individuals and family offices with expertise and interest in life science, Andreas explains.


What has your company journey been like so far?

When we started the company in 2016, the plan was to operate a crowdfunding platform, but with our strong focus on quality, evaluation, and selection, we quickly became an appealing option for professional investors and private banking clients. Today, we operate like a venture capital firm, focusing on innovations in life science and digital health. Being so specialised as a company is a clear strength. It makes it easier to evaluate potential companies to invest in, monitor the market, and consult with industry specialists.

Life science investor Bengt Julander saw the potential in Sciety early on. He invested in Sciety through the investment company Linc in 2018 and has been an advisor to us since then. Last year, we also welcomed Tommi Unkuri to the board—partner and co-founder of the private equity firm Summa Equity. It’s exciting to actively participate in the development of Swedish life science, and we are very proud that Sciety has so far invested 1 billion SEK in 25 growth companies in life science, with a good financial return. Some examples of companies we have invested in are Cartana, Capitainer, and Akiram Therapeutics, says Malin.


Life science remains a popular investment area despite often lengthy R&D periods – why?

Investing in carefully selected companies within life science offers the potential for high returns in an industry that truly makes a difference in people’s health and well-being.

Being able to contribute to companies that have the potential to make a significant impact on people’s lives is something that many investors find important, Andreas adds.

“Our philosophy is that financial return and impact should go hand in hand”

You are not only business partners, you are also married. How is it to work so closely together as a couple?

We worked together for several years before becoming a couple and have always worked well together. Therefore, running a company as a married couple doesn’t feel like a big deal. It’s easy to keep private life separate from work, but it’s harder to prevent our entire Friday evening from disappearing because we got caught up in a work-related discussion we couldn’t drop. For us, Sciety is much more than just a job—it’s a calling, and it’s rewarding to do this together, says Malin.

Invest in a healthier future with Sciety Venture Partners

Sciety’s goal is to create a healthier future by investing in innovative companies in life science and digital health. Over the years, we have carried out a series of successful investments together with leading venture capital firms within life science in Europe. Since the start, Sciety together with Sciety Venture Partners has invested over SEK 1 billion in 25 companies, where 8 of these companies have been acquired or listed successfully. Read more about Sciety Venture Partners.

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