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Cartana is based at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and has developed a new technology for researchers to analyse tissue samples in drug development processes. The company is ready to launch at the market for brain research and will launch on the market for cancer research within a few years.


As a result of more than ten years research, the company has developed reagents to perform gene sequencing directly on tissue sections. The technology gives researchers information both on the type of function of individual brain cells and on their localisation in relation to each other.

“Our technology is unique in the sense that it can give detailed information on individual cells and on the tissue section. Commercially available solutions for analysing individual cells requires that the cells are isolated from their tissue of origin, meaning that the information on the localisation of the cells is lost. Researchers use various approaches to solve this but at the expense of lower quality and higher costs”, says Malte Kühnemund, CEO and founder at Cartana.

In addition to Malte Kühnemund, the company was founded by Mats Nilsson who is researcher and Scientific Director at SciLifeLab in Stockholm. He has also co-founded Olink, Q-linea, Halo Genomics and several other companies in the sector.

Cartana’s first product for brain researchers is ready for launch and it has been tested with five pilot customers whereof one big pharma company. In parallel, the company are developing an upgraded version and a version for application in cancer research.

”We see that the need for advanced analysis tools in drug development processes and the technology development of microscopes and imaging tools contributes to a growing market with increasing demand for reagents. The global market for single cell analysis was valued at 1.7 billion dollars already in 2017 and it is expected to double by 2022. Cancer and neurology are large research fields where we are convinced that our technology can make a big difference”, says Malte.

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