The Sciety syndicate and Segulah Medical Acceleration invest MSEK 106 in SAGA Diagnostics


PRESS RELEASE. The Swedish diagnostics company SAGA Diagnostics, which develops ultrasensitive liquid biopsy tests for early detection of cancer relapse and personalized cancer treatment, recently completed a share issue of SEK 106 million led by Segulah Medical Acceleration together with Sciety. Hadean Ventures, which invested in the company at an…

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Man with knee pain is being examined by a physiotherapist.

Company that develops novel osteoarthritis treatment raises capital with Sciety


NEW COMPANY AT SCIETY. Osteoarthritis affects more than 320 million people globally and is a leading source of chronic pain and disability in Europe and the US. Only half of the patients receive adequate pain relief. Sciety is now financing a company whose drug candidate has the potential to provide…

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The Sciety syndicate invests MSEK 31 in Capitainer


PRESS RELEASE. Capitainer, a Swedish Medtech company that supplies intelligent solutions for self-sampling of blood and plasma, recently completed a share issue of SEK 31 million with Sciety and its investment syndicate. The investors demonstrated strong interest, and the share issue was fully subscribed in two days. The new capital…

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Company that develops innovative blood sampling raises capital with Sciety


NEW COMPANY AT SCIETY. Most blood sampling is still performed by qualified healthcare personnel at care facilities, but new technology that enables simple and reliable home sampling is now changing the landscape. Sciety finances a Swedish company that is at the forefront of the technology shift. Blood sampling has an…

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Cartana is acquired by 10x Genomics for 425 MSEK


PRESS RELEASE. The American biotechnology company 10x Genomics acquires the Swedish company Cartana, which was financed by the Sciety investment syndicate two years ago.   Three years after launch, the Swedish biotechnology company Cartana will be part of the Nasdaq-listed American company 10x Genomics––the market leader in single-cell analysis technology.…

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Interview with Mats Nilsson, serial entrepreneur at SciLifeLab


Sciety had the opportunity to ask a few questions to Mats Nilsson, professor at SciLifeLab and co-founder of EMPE Diagnostics and several other biotechnology companies. In the interview he talks about EMPE Diagnostics’ planned establishment in India and and about the need for diagnostic tools in order to use the drugs that are available. He gives an insight into SciLifeLab as the platform for developing ideas and also his view on the role of research in society.

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The Sciety syndicate invests in Synartro that develops a novel drug for osteoarthritis


The Sciety syndicate invests in Synartro, which uses existing drugs with proven efficacy to develop an improved drug treatment of knee osteoarthritis. The new capital will be used to complete the pre-clinical development. The company plans to go public to raise capital for phase 1 clinical trials in 2021. Synartro’s…

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Interview with Pavan Asalapuram, co-founder of EMPE Diagnostics


Sciety talks with Pavan Asalapuram, co-founder of EMPE Diagnostics, a company that develops rapid diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases, with a special focus on tuberculosis––a major public health problem in big parts of the world. EMPE’s test can within two hours identify whether a person has TB and whether it…

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The Sciety syndicate invests MSEK 9.1 in a cardiovascular diagnostic company


The Sciety investment syndicate recently made an investment of 9.1 million SEK in the company Cavis Technologies, which has developed Wirecath®––a patent-pending product for the diagnosis of coronary heart diseases. The new capital will be used to establish sales on the European market. “Only in Europe, over 1.5 million people…

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New diagnostic technology can reduce mortality in one of the world’s most common infectious diseases


Today, Sciety wants to pay attention to World TB Day, which aims to highlight the extensive health, social and economic consequences of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is a contagious infectious disease that primarily affects the lungs but also other organs. It is an airborne disease that spreads when a person with tuberculosis…

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