Interview with Pavan Asalapuram, co-founder of EMPE Diagnostics


Sciety talks with Pavan Asalapuram, co-founder of EMPE Diagnostics, a company that develops rapid diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases, with a special focus on tuberculosis––a major public health problem in big parts of the world. EMPE’s test can within two hours identify whether a person has TB and whether it…

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The Sciety syndicate invests MSEK 9.1 in a cardiovascular diagnostic company


The Sciety investment syndicate recently made an investment of 9.1 million SEK in the company Cavis Technologies, which has developed Wirecath®––a patent-pending product for the diagnosis of coronary heart diseases. The new capital will be used to establish sales on the European market. “Only in Europe, over 1.5 million people…

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New diagnostic technology can reduce mortality in one of the world’s most common infectious diseases


Today, Sciety wants to pay attention to World TB Day, which aims to highlight the extensive health, social and economic consequences of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is a contagious infectious disease that primarily affects the lungs but also other organs. It is an airborne disease that spreads when a person with tuberculosis…

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New technology can contribute to safer diagnoses of diseases of the coronary heart


One of the most common causes of death in the world comes from diseases of the coronary arteries, the heart’s own blood vessels. Coronary artery disease occurs through constriction of the coronary arteries that leads to a pressure drop which can cause heart attack and stroke. Diseases of the coronary…

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Sciety invests in cancer diagnostics of the future with Industrifonden


Sciety invests SEK 35 million in the company Elypta, which is developing a new method for early cancer diagnosis. The Sciety network together with the Swedish venture capital fund Industrifonden, Chalmers Ventures and several of the company’s existing owners took part in the capitalization. The new capital of a total…

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Sciety network invests in Predicare, the company that aims to streamline emergency care around the world


The Sciety investment syndicate recently completed an investment of MSEK 9 in Predicare, a company that has developed RETTS––a system used by the majority of Sweden’s emergency units. The new capital will be used to expand in selected European markets and further develop the company’s product portfolio. Gothenburg-based Predicare was…

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Predicare is growing––new customers in Norway


During September, Predicare finalised an agreement with two new clients in Norway––a hospital and an ambulance services company. Predicare continues to grow rapidly in Norway and their RETTS© system is used by 31 out of 49 hospitals with emergency units. CEO, Mathias Myrén, says: “Predicare has signed an agreement with…

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EMPE Diagnostics raises MSEK 9 for launch in India


This week, EMPE Diagnostics completed a new share issue of a total of SEK 9.2 million with Sciety. The company has developed a quick test for tuberculosis and the new capital will support the establishment of operations in India where tuberculosis is a major health problem. “With the new capital,…

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The Sciety syndicate invests MSEK 15 in cutting-edge company specializing in DNA sequencing


This week, Single Technologies completed a new share issue of 15 million SEK with Sciety. The company has developed a DNA sequencing solution, which makes it possible to analyse larger amounts of data faster and cheaper than before. The new capital will be used to adapt the instrument for NGS…

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Athera Biotechnologies raises MSEK 55 with the help of Sciety


This week, pharmaceutical company Athera Biotechnologies, completed a new share issue of SEK 55 million in which Industrifonden, Östersjöstiftelsen and the Sciety investment syndicate participated. The new capital is to be used for a clinical Phase 2 study and the company aims at being acquired by a major player after…

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