New venture at Sciety – develops drugs for diseases caused by high levels of blood lipids


Lipid imbalances does not only cause common diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases but also various rare diseases. The pharma company Lipigon is specialised in diseases caused by lipid imbalances, with an initial focus on rare diseases that lack adequate treatments.   New candidate for treatment of severe disease…

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Sciety raises new capital to medtech company in neurology and cancer


CARTANA raised almost 10 million SEK in a share issue that was fully subscribed at the end of September. The company has developed reagents for analysing tissue samples in drug development processes and is based at Karolinska in Stockholm. The new capital will be used for the sale of CARTANA’s…

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New venture at Sciety – wants to help researchers in the search for new treatments


Cartana is based at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and has developed a new technology for researchers to analyse tissue samples in drug development processes. The company is ready to launch at the market for brain research and will launch on the market for cancer research within a few years.  …

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5 common questions about investing in unlisted companies


If you’re used to buying shares on the stock market, it doesn’t have to be a big leap to invest in unlisted companies as well. At Sciety, we frequently receive questions from people who are considering making their first investment in an unlisted company. Practically speaking, how does it work?…

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Opportunity to join Cartana – their technology revolutionizes the brain research


Neurological disorders have been pinpointed by WHO as one of the greatest threats to public health. As an example, nearly 10 million people develop dementia each year and the number of people living with dementia is expected to triple from 50 million to 152 million by 2050. Today, the annual…

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Sciety becomes a member in SwedenBIO


Sciety becomes a member in the trade association SwedenBIO that works for a strong life science sector in Sweden. The members include micro companies to big pharma but also companies that provide services in business development, IP, financing and etc. As Sciety works with financing of unlisted companies, in the…

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Sciety raises MSEK 10 to diagnostics company fighting the tuberculosis epidemic


The new issue of shares in EMPE Diagnostics was fully subscribed already two weeks before the subscription period expired. EMPE Diagnostics develops a rapid test for diagnosis of tuberculosis. In total, 10 million SEK was invested and the funding will be used for final product validation and market launch.  …

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Mature surgeon consoling senior woman in examination room. Doctors and female patient are discussing CAT scan. They are in hospital.

An entrepreneurial and investor perspective on the action plan for Swedish life science


Last week, the trade associations LIF, Swedish Medtech and SwedenBIO presented an action plan to strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish life science. As Sciety meets many companies that develop the healthcare sector, we find it is very interesting that one of the three topics in the plan is to introduce…

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Sciety raises 10 MSEK via its financing platform for companies in the life science sector


Sciety closes a financing round of 10 million SEK and welcomes thirty new shareholders with backgrounds in the finance and healthcare sectors. The largest investor is the investment company Linc. Sciety is an investment platform focusing on unlisted growth companies in the healthcare sector. Since Sciety’s launch during the autumn…

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Attana is the second company to be listed after financing via Sciety


One week ago, the medical technology company Attana that previously raised funding via Sciety listed its shares on the NGM stock exchange. The company has developed technology to improve efficiency in the development of new drugs and is the second company financed by Sciety to be listed.     Sciety…

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