Sciety arranges two private placements

Sciety is currently capitalising, via private placements, one pharmaceutical company in Phase II and a biotech company working with DNA sequencing. These companies operate in strong growth markets and are raising new capital in order reach product milestones, leading to their acquisition by major industry players within the next twenty-four months.



Pharmaceutical company with a first-in-class potential

This pharmaceutical company has successfully completed Phase 1 clinical studies and is now raising new capital to initiate Phase II studies. This company is developing a pharmaceutical candidate for a life-threatening disease for which there is currently no sufficient treatment.

”During recent years, Sciety has received a large number of queries regarding the financing of pharmaceutical companies. With a clear trajectory to the market and major commercial potential, these companies are of interest to many investors. The pharmaceutical company now being financed has already reached Phase II with one candidate and has the possibility of becoming first-in-class,” states Andreas Lindblom, CEO of Sciety.

Since its inception, Sciety has analysed a number of pharmaceutical companies requesting its services. The first pharmaceutical company was financed last autumn and, in conjunction with this, Sciety expanded its team with one researcher from Karolinska Institutet.


Sequencing creates new possibilities with research and diagnostics

This biotech company operates within DNA sequencing and has developed a solution which significantly improves the performance of data generation compared with current technologies. The sequencing market is growing rapidly in terms of both research and clinical applications.

”Sciety previously financed the software company 1928 Diagnostics whose solution for the correct use of antibiotics is based on sequencing, and has also financed Cartana who works with the sequencing of tissue samples. DNA sequencing is, without a doubt, an interesting field in which the application areas are rapidly expanding in pace with technological developments”, notes Andreas Lindblom.

The technological advances making possible the analysis of the DNA in individual cells was chosen as the prestigious “Breakthrough of the Year 2018” by the journal, Science. Sequencing of cells makes possible the Human Cell Atlas initiative in which all of the cells in the human body will be mapped, creating entirely new possibilities to understand the development of diseases, aging and other processes in the human body. Sequencing is also expected to be used in diagnostics to an ever greater degree. One example is the company Grail who, with Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates as financers, is developing a solution for the early diagnosis of cancer based on huge amounts of data from sequenced DNA.


Capitalisation of the companies via private placements

During February and March, these two companies will be capitalised through private placements arranged by Sciety to finalise the companies’ product development within twenty-four months, clearly establishing them as attractive acquisition targets. If you would like to receive more information, you are most welcome to contact us.

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