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Learn about the companies developing tomorrow’s diagnostics, therapeutics and healthcare

Investments in progress​

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Investments in progress​

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Our portfolio companies

Our portfolio companies are currently developing diagnostics for early detection of cancer via blood sample, saving lives in emergency care and surgery through software innovations, developing personalised treatments of severe diseases, and much more.

Capitainer AB

Capitainer develops and sells intelligent solutions for self-sampling blood, plasma, and urine. The products enable easy home sampling with market-leading precision, delivering value across the entire care chain.

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Pharmnovo AB

PharmNovo is a pharmaceutical company at the clinical stage of developing a unique type of treatment for nerve pain (neuropathic pain), a condition currently lacking effective and safe treatment. The company is currently finalising its clinical phase I study and is advancing its preparations for a phase II study.

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Neogap Therapeutics AB

NEOGAP Therapeutics develops a new type of personalised therapy for the treatment of cancer. The company uses proprietary machine learning algorithms and patented technology to tailor the treatment for each patient and its specific tumour cells.

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Encare AB

Encare not only contributes to more cost-effective surgery but also reduces complications and saves lives through their proprietary software solution that helps hospitals implement best practice throughout the entire care chain – from diagnosis and preparation to surgery and rehabilitation.

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Former portfolio companies that have reached new heights through acquisition or listing, and continue to thrive under new ownership. These companies continue to make a lasting impact in their respective industries.


Cartana’s patent-applied research tool revolutionizes the possibility of analyzing tissue samples, providing pharmaceutical companies with important information in their quest for new treatments.

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Medpro’s business concept is to acquire and operate healthcare centres and specialist clinics at small locations in Västra Götaland County. They apply a so-called “design-in-healthcare” concept and have a clear client focus.

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With Attana’s patented technology, pharmaceutical companies can evaluate, in an early development stage, how drug candidates impact the body and can identify the risk of side effects.

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Inhalation Sciences

Inhalation Science’s technology is used by leading players in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors to study how airborne particles affect the human body.

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