Sciety and Sciety Venture Partners invest EUR 1.35 million in Capitainer

PRESS RELEASE. Sciety and Sciety Venture Partners have recently completed an investment of about EUR 1.35 million in Capitainer, a Swedish medtech company that has developed unique products for self-sampling of blood from the fingertip. The funds will be used to expand production and strengthen the company’s sales organisation in Europe and the USA.

Capitainer‘s products are disposable sampling cards that utilise advanced technology, enabling blood samples to be taken at home and sent by regular post to a laboratory for analysis. The company’s products facilitate two major trends within healthcare: remote healthcare solutions and precision medicine, where regular monitoring is essential. In recent years, Capitainer has attracted several high-profile customers and partnerships in Europe and the USA, including St Thomas Hospital (UK), AstraZeneca, and We Venture Capital (part of the global Werfen Group). The accuracy and ease of use of the products make them suitable for a wide range of applications both in healthcare and other sectors. The company’s focus on innovation and its rapid development has resulted in continued support from Sciety and Sciety Venture Partners, who are now investing in Capitainer for the fourth time since 2020.

“Sciety is happy to invest in Capitainer once again, together with the network Sciety Venture Partners. The company offers an entirely new way of providing blood samples, which could simplify the process for patients, especially those in need of regular monitoring. We see significant potential for the company to make a substantial impact on its market, with considerable benefits for both patients and healthcare providers,” says Andreas Lindblom, Managing Partner at Sciety.

“This strategic capital boost allows Capitainer to accelerate our expansion, and particularly to strengthen our presence in the USA, where we recently established our own laboratory. We are actively engaging in major sales initiatives in several countries across Europe and the USA. The steady support from our shareholders and Sciety significantly drives and accelerates our ongoing growth,” states Christopher Aulin, CEO of Capitainer.

Capitainer’s aim is to position itself as the leading provider of self-sampling solutions. To achieve this goal, and with the help of the recently received capital injection, the company plans to both expand its production and strengthen its sales organisation on the European and American markets. Capitainer will also continue to develop its collaborations with global players and focus on implementing its products in clinical settings to increase sales, and intensify its marketing efforts.

About Capitainer

Capitainer AB is a Swedish MedTech company that develops and sells patient-centric solutions for self-sampling of blood, plasma, and urine. Founded in 2016, Capitainer has developed unique technologies for collecting and drying exact volumes of fluid within easy-to-use sampling cards. These cards may be sent as standard post to relevant testing laboratories, thus bypassing the need for cold chain logistics and specialised packaging. Capitainer’s products are market-leading with respect to precision and accuracy, with demonstrated equal performance to established pipetting methods. The products are applicable within several market segments, including but not limited to, clinical biomarkers, therapeutic drug monitoring, genomics, drug abuse and doping testing, and R&D and clinical studies.

About Sciety

Sciety is a leading investment company, committed to supporting the growth of innovative life science and health tech companies in the Nordic region. We invest alongside Sciety Venture Partners, comprising family offices and private investors, as well as venture capital firms. Our mission is to enable the full potential of life science innovations, helping to bring breakthroughs in healthcare to people all over the world. For more information, please visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

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