Sciety raises new capital for a medtech company to continue their expansion in Europe

Medtech company Likvor raises new capital for its continued expansion in Europe. They currently have about ten hospitals as clients. The company’s system is used to diagnose the dementia-like disorder, NPH.

Likvor has developed a system for the monitoring of cerebrospinal spinal fluid dynamics to investigate and follow up the treatment of the under-diagnosed disorder, NPH. This condition is often found in the elderly and has symptoms similar to other classical forms of dementia-related conditions, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Today, only one of five people with NPH is correctly diagnosed, something that Likvor wants to change with a standardised and CE-certified diagnostic system.

“Medical technology with a high degree of automation and that easily can be integrated into the healthcare workflow is of great interest to us and our investment syndicate. Likvor already has about ten European hospitals as clients, as well as a number of new clients on the way, including a large hospital in Iran“, states Andreas Lindblom, CEO of Sciety.

Likvor has raised a total of SEK 3 million in the share issue to be used for continued establishment in Europe.

“With the help of the new capital, we can now continue with the initiated expansion in Europe and also meet the demand in other new markets“, states Maria Wallin Wållberg, CEO of Likvor.

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