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Sciety is the Nordic region's leading life science investment company, combining experience from life science and finance to invest in the most promising unlisted companies. Our team has extensive expertise in clinical work, R&D, business and finance.

Expertly identifying the best opportunities

We maintain our edge by continuously tracking industry news and the latest advancements in research. Our rigorous selection process involves evaluating hundreds of companies per year, and only the most promising are selected.

Thorough preparation for every investment

When it comes to investing, we believe in thorough preparation. That is why we have a structured process for due diligence and compiling investment information. We analyze medical and business rationale, as well as legal documents.

Supporting long-term success

We are committed to supporting the long-term growth of our portfolio companies. Our team of experienced professionals brings a wealth of expertise to each company. Whether it is through providing strategic advice, hands-on operational advice, or connections with potential clients or partners, we are committed to helping our portfolio companies succeed.

"Sciety was a great partner and co-investor when we raised additional funding to one of our portfolio companies. I would strongly recommend Sciety to other venture capital firms looking for co-investors."


Walter Stockinger, Managing Partner

Hadean Ventures

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As member of Sciety Venture Partners, you will be invited to attend company presentations and engage directly with founders and management, as well as network with like-minded investors. With a proven track record of co-investments with leading life science venture capital firms in Europe, you can trust in the expertise of Sciety.

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billion SEK invested

What we invest in

We invest in the most promising unlisted life science and health tech companies at various stages of development. Our focus includes biotechnology, medical technology, pharmacology, diagnostics, ICT in healthcare, and health tech. Our investment scope ranges from product development phase to expansion phase. In pharmaceuticals and biotech, we invest from late preclinical phase to Phase II, whereas in health tech and medtech, we invest in companies in late development phases or with market traction.

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