Marcus Hjort

Investment Associate

Marcus has a comprehensive medical background with both a M.D. and a Ph.D. in coronary heart disease from Uppsala University. His research focused on how biological markers can reveal the pathophysiology of heart attacks and predict outcomes for patients. Marcus has contributed to a total of 15 scientific publications in international peer-review journals.

Prior to joining Sciety, Marcus worked as a cardiology specialist at Danderyd Hospital, with a keen interest in preventing cardiovascular diseases. He also has several years of experience as an Investigator, and later Principal Investigator, for several clinical studies in medical disciplines such as vaccines, migraine, covid, lung and respiratory tract infections, chronic lung disease, high cholesterol and more. Driven by a passion for developing healthcare through innovation and new treatments, Marcus is also actively advising within the scope of medical devices.

As an Investment Associate at Sciety, Marcus has daily contact with Life Science companies and is responsible for analysing their research and business cases to identify potential investments.