Ylva Predan

Communications Specialist


Ylva is a seasoned communication specialist with 10+ years of experience. With a background in both marketing and finance, Ylva understands the importance of creating effective marketing strategies that are aligned with a company’s financial goals.

Before joining Sciety, Ylva worked with startups and tech companies as an independent marketing consultant - offering both strategic advice and operational support within digital marketing. Ylva has a special ability to simplify complex concepts and extensive experience in helping early-stage companies communicate their core message as well as identify target groups. Before branching out as an independent consultant, Ylva worked with communication and finance in the non-profit sector for many years.

A firm believer in innovation, Ylva consistently experiments with new digital marketing tools and explores emerging marketing channels, ensuring she stays at the forefront of modern communication strategies.

Ylva holds a Bachelor’s degree from Stockholm School of Economics.