What others are saying about Sciety

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“The continued support from Sciety and Sciety Venture Partners enable us to continue our clinical development, with the opportunity to actually treat patients. Our long-term goal is to contribute to an improved quality of life and survival rate for cancer patients, and in Sciety, we have a strong financial partner who shares our vision and also contributes with experience and expertise within our industry.“

Samuel Svensson, CEO, Neogap

Therapeutics November 2023

“Partnering with Sciety in our capital raising was an effective way forward. Bringing a drug candidate from innovation to implementation requires capital, and thanks to Sciety, we could continue this work without losing momentum. Sciety led the round with the highest professionalism and dedication, and their expertise in life science, business, and finance proved to be very useful. If you run a life science company and get the opportunity to work with Sciety, take it!“

Marika Nestor, Founder and CEO, Akiram Therapeutics

February 2023

“Karolinska Development invested in the pharmaceutical company PharmNovo AB, a portfolio company of the Sciety syndicate. We particularly appreciated Sciety’s well-founded insights of the company and their life science competence, which facilitated our analysis and investment decision. I highly recommend Sciety as a co-investor to other venture capital firms looking to invest in prominent life science companies.“

Per Aniansson, CFO och Investment Director, Karolinska Development AB

September 2022

“Encare chose Sciety as an investment partner because they know the life science industry well and have specialist healthcare expertise. The collaboration has consistently been very well organized and ran smoothly and efficiently. The time from the first meeting to investment was very short, thanks to a close dialogue with the Sciety team, which in my opinion, are very professional with excellent knowledge in entrepreneurship, financing, and finance. All in all, this means that I can warmly recommend Sciety.”

Sören Johansson, Chairman of the board, Encare

August 2022

“Sciety has managed our capital raising in a very professional and structured way. I am particularly impressed by their dedicated focus and results-oriented approach throughout the process. Sciety has both solid knowledge in life science and finance and a heavy network of investors, which means that I can warmly recommend them.”

Christopher Aulin, CEO, Capitainer

March 2022

“I can highly recommend Sciety, which has excellently handled our capital raising. They have a structured work process and are well-versed in life science, finance, and investor communication. They are customer-focused, responsive, and easy to work with. The Sciety team is experienced, and we particularly appreciate their drive and commitment. In addition, they have an extensive network of strong life science investors. I am very satisfied with both the outcome and the collaboration.”

Samuel Svensson, CEO, NEOGAP Therapeutics

February 2022

“This is the second occasion that PharmNovo has worked with Sciety, this time in a wider-ranging capital raise. As before, the very extensive investor network to which Sciety has access was essential in what proved to be a successful fundraising. The Sciety team is extremely professional, and their technical skills and experience in all aspects of business and science are outstanding. I will continue to recommend Sciety without reservation.”

Prof David Kendall, CSO, PharmNovo

January 2022

“Sciety has a strong deal flow and solid know-how within life science and healthcare. Linc has invested in several unlisted life science companies together with Sciety.”

Bengt Julander, Founder, Linc AB

Nov 2021

“I am very pleased with the cooperation and our successful funding round with Sciety. Despite the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, which significantly affects the willingness to invest, Sciety quickly managed to raise the capital. We are happy for the great interest in our unique treatment and welcome our new shareholders.”

Fredrik Lehmann, Chairman of the board and co-founder, Synartro

Sep 2021

“Sciety was a great partner and co-investor when we raised additional funding to one of our portfolio companies. I would strongly recommend Sciety to other venture capital firms looking for co-investors.”

Walter Stockinger, Managing Partner, Hadean Ventures

Aug 2021

“As the founder and CEO, I am profoundly satisfied with Sciety’s services. They educated and trained us with a friendly approach and excellent business development skills. Sciety generated investments and invaluable expertise for EMPE Diagnostics AB that develops rapid diagnostic tests for antibiotic resistance, with a special focus on tuberculosis. I can highly recommend Sciety!”

Pavan Asalapuram, CEO and co-founder, EMPE Diagnostics

Jun 2020

“Sciety supported us in all parts of the financing process in an excellent way. In addition to the professional contact with relevant investors, I particularly appreciated the flexibility and drive of the process. The outcome was also very good with a fully funded business plan and a strong group of new partners who share our vision.”

Karl Bergman, CEO, Elypta

Mar 2020

“Sciety provided valuable expertise and with their structured way of working they took responsibility for all the necessary agreements, planning and project management that was needed in the fundraising. Investments from their syndicate gave Predicare access to capital that now enables our broader expansion in Europe and further development of our product portfolio.”

Mathias Myrén, CEO, Predicare

Dec 2019

“I highly recommend Sciety to life science companies looking for funding. We got strong investors of which some joined our team and some gave support and engagement related to technical development of our product.”

Johan Strömqvist, CEO and co-founder

Nov 2019

“I have been investing in unlisted companies for several years, and I must say that my experience with Sciety has been outstanding. Right from the initial meeting to the completion of my investment, Sciety has always ensured that my interests are well taken care of. I appreciate their thoroughness in ensuring that all relevant documents are in place, and I can always rely on them to provide me with a solid decision-making basis for my investments. I highly recommend Sciety to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy investment partner.”


Martin Öhrn, private investor

Aug 2019

“We are very pleased with the outcome of the financing round through Sciety. The whole process was efficient and went very smoothly thanks to Sciety’s competent and professional team. It was a fun and constructive collaboration.”

Malte Kühnemund, CEO, Cartana

Oct 2018