Finance your expansion with smart capital

Sciety offers a straightforward financing process and new shareholders with valuable experience from the life science sector.


Financing with Sciety

We focus on companies in the life science sector that need growth capital. In our view, life science includes everything from digital health to medical technology, diagnostics and healthcare.


Grow with new shareholders

We accept applications through our website. Our investment board evaluates companies on an ongoing basis. If your company matches Sciety’s investment profile, we will contact you to discuss how to proceed.


Raise capital for expansion

Sciety works works together with you to prepare your investment memorandum and legal documents. We manage the entire financing process, from initial contact and due diligence until you have the financing on your company bank account.


Grow with new shareholders

We contribute to expand your network and spread your message in our network even after the financing process is completed. You will also, most likely, gain valuable contacts and experience from your new shareholders.

Our clients

The Sciety team is professional with a rare blend of expertise in life science, finance and entrepreneurship. Their network of investors is very good for high tech companies such as Attana. Thanks to our fundraising with Sciety, we have also gained new valuable competence in our board.

- Teodor Aastrup, CEO at Attana

The MedFilm team is very satisfied with our collaboration with Sciety. They offer a fantastic platform for financing and a large network of investors in the life science sector. The entire process has been very efficient.

- Erik Kylén, co-founder and CEO of MedFilm

Sciety offers a professional and structured way of attracting critical early venture funding. Life science projects are often complex to analyze and therefore Sciety’s focus on this specific segment is positive for both companies seeking investments and investors seeking new opportunities!

- Fredrik Sjövall, CEO at Inhalation Sciences

Sciety managed the financing round for Rayetelligence and we are very satisfied. Their commitment, competence and professionalism has been very valuable to complete our financing round. Sciety's due diligence prior to the financing round has facilitated the process for us as well as for our investors.

Smart capital for expansion

Sciety provides capital and competence for your expansion. We offer a full-service solution for financing unlisted growth companies.

Straightforward financing

Sciety manages the entire funding process to make it as efficient as possible for your company and potential investors. We offer a flexible service to meet your specific needs.

Smart capital

Our network offers great diversity of competences. Most of the companies that have been financed via us have recruited experienced board members and advisors among their new shareholders.

Network in the sector

Sciety is well-connected in the life science sector. We have introduced companies with potential clients and partners as well as potential acquirers.

Media coverage

Sciety offers exposure in  our social media channels as well as via our partner networks and press contacts. We prepare content in collaboration with you and we can also help after the financing round has been completed.


We evaluate your company from an investor’s point of view and identify potential areas of improvement to help you prepare for the the financing round.


The Sciety team share a passion for the life science sector and a dedication to finance the companies that we select. We work exclusively with companies that we believe in and we have a long-term interest in their further development.

Finance your expansion with Sciety

The Sciety team and network contribute with capital and competence to grow your business. We are specialised in the life science sector.