Investments in unlisted growth companies in the life science sector

Current companies

Sciety - Likvor - Celda

Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus is a significantly underdiagnosed condition with dementia-like symptoms. Even though up to 80% of the NPH population get better after surgery, only about 20% get the correct treatment. Lack of reliable diagnostics is one reason for this undertreatment.

Likvor offers a patented and CE certified system that helps caregivers to diagnose the condition and follow-up treatment results by measuring the dynamics of the spinal fluid in the brain.

The company has clients in six countries in Europe and had a revenue of 3.7 MSEK in 2017. Consumables account for an increasing share of the revenue. The market is growing and ageing populations around the world drives market demand.


Lipigon Pharmaceuticals

Lipigon develops orphan drugs for people with lipid disorders and other cardiometabolic risk factors. The company’s main program targets the disease HoFH:

Large medical need. Today’s drugs are not sufficiently efficient, and lack of treatment may cause cardiovascular diseases already at the age of 20-30 years.

Short time to clinical trials. Lipisense has been tested in animal models with promising results. Initial test of toxicity and tolerability has been completed without remarks. The company targets clinical phase 1 studies already in 2020.

Large market. The total market for drugs targeting HoFH is estimated to 1,500 million dollars per year.

Financed companies


Cartana's patent pending research tool revolutionises the possibilities to analyse tissue samples and gives pharma companies vital information in their search for new treatments. Learn more.


Ten million people fall ill with tuberculosis each year. EMPE has developed a patented rapid test for diagnosis of tuberculosis. The test has been designed for clinics with limited resources. Learn more.


1928 Diagnostics has developed a software solution to analyse the DNA of bacteria to find out if and what types of antibiotics the bacteria is resistant to. The software uses data from technology that is already available at hospitals. Learn more.


Inhalation Sciences's technology is used by leading companies in the chemical and pharma sectors to study how airborne particles affect the human body. Learn more.


Attana's patented technology enables pharma companies to evaluate how drug candidates affect the human body and detect risks for side effects early on in the development process. Learn more.



Medpro's business is to acquire and run general practices and specialist practices in smaller towns in the south of Sweden. They use a design in healthcare concept with a clear customer focus.



Raytelligence has developed a radar sensor and a cloud based platform for monitoring people's breath, heart frequence and positioning. The company focuses on care of elderly in their homes.


Tumor cell migration causes 90% of all deaths in cancer. Liv Diagnostics develops new technology to measure the ability of tumor cells to migrate and give predictive information on the risk of metastasis. Learn more.


MedFilm sells a subcription service for animated information films about surgical procedures. The films enable clinics to prepare patients for their procedures in an efficient way. Learn more.


Learning to Sleep is a digital clinic for people with sleeping problems. They offer evidence based treatments that combine support from a coach with digital tools. Learn more.


PictureMyLife sells a digital tool for image based communication for people with special needs. The tool is used by schools, day care centers and families. Learn more.