Attana is the second company funded via Sciety to be listed on a stock exchange

One week ago, the medical technology company Attana that previously raised funding via Sciety listed its shares on the NGM stock exchange. The company has developed technology to improve efficiency in the development of new drugs.

Attana is the second company that has been funded by Sciety to be listed on a stock exchange.

Sciety launched during autumn 2016 and Attana was one of the first companies to raise funding via Sciety. Attana has developed technology to analyse how drugs and other substances affect the human body. The technology enables researchers to analyse the efficacy and side effect early on in the drug development process. In addition, the technology enables researchers to learn why a drug candidate works as expected or not.

“It takes 10-15 years and costs 8-10 billion SEK on average to develop a new drug. Attana has an interesting technology to make the process more efficient. We are looking forward to follow their development as a listed company”, says Andreas Lindblom, CEO of Sciety.

Last autumn, the medical technology company Inhalation Sciences that was funded via Sciety during the autumn of 2016 was listed. “It is important for Sciety and the ecosystem as a whole to demonstrate the potential for investors in unlisted companies to trade the share in the long-term”, says Andreas.


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