Sciety raises MSEK 6 for tech company, Inhalation Sciences

The investments have been made by an angel investor network and a risk capital company previously owning shares in the company and also by new financers, each investing from some thousand SEK up to a couple of million SEK. Together the company raised MSEK 6 for its continued international expansion.


Inhalation Science’s technology exists today with prominent players within the chemical and pharma sectors where it is used to study how airborne particles impact the human body. In the autumn, the company had a breakthrough in the US market with Dow Chemicals using the technology to study risks in its development of new materials. Within the pharma sector, the technology has been used for a couple of years by, amongst others, Chiesi, who is a leader in the development of inhalation medicine in Europe.


With the new capital, Inhalation Science will now increase its pace of expansion in the strongly growing markets for inhalation medicine and materials development. During the spring, the company will raise additional capital in conjunction with the listing planned for next year.


About Sciety

Sciety is an investor network with a focus on unlisted growth companies within life science and digital health. We combine experience within life science and finance to select prominent companies in the industry and make them accessible for investments by our members. Our vision is that innovations making a difference reach their full potential and create value.