Company that develops innovative blood sampling raises capital with Sciety

NEW COMPANY AT SCIETY. Most blood sampling is still performed by qualified healthcare personnel at care facilities, but new technology that enables simple and reliable home sampling is now changing the landscape. Sciety finances a Swedish company that is at the forefront of the technology shift.

Blood sampling has an integral role in modern healthcare, where most of all medical decisions are based on blood analyses.

Every year, several billion blood samples are collected in Europe and the United States. Traditionally, the patient visits a care facility where the blood sampling is done through venipuncture by a trained nurse. The sample is then sent for analysis at a laboratory by cold chain transportation. A procedure that is expensive and time-consuming, both for healthcare and for the patient.

A Swedish company, currently raising capital with Sciety, has developed a product for blood sampling at home with high precision. The product is easy to use and can be sent by regular mail to the laboratory.

The benefits of sampling blood at home are several. For those who are sick or immune-compromised and at high risk of infections it is a safe and convenient way to get help without physically visiting a healthcare provider. For those who rely on frequent check-ups or live far from the nearest care facility, the possibility of home sampling and evaluating the answers online with their doctor would make everyday life easier.

It would also relieve pressure on healthcare professionals and simplify transport and handling.

“Although the ongoing pandemic has been an eye-opener for the importance of home sampling, several long-term trends indicate that today’s blood collecting methods need to be renewed. The blood sampling manners have not changed for a very long time. To be able to offer cost-effective care and to meet the increasing need for health care that follows from our demographic development and increased prevalence of chronic diseases, modern solutions are required. Sciety is now financing a company that is at the forefront of simple and reliable blood sampling at home,“ says Andreas Lindblom, CEO of Sciety.

Next-generation DBS technology

The product is based on the DBS (Dried Blood Spot) technology, which was introduced in the 1960s. DBS is being used in laboratories in Europe and the USA for, among other things, PKU tests of newborns. In DBS microsampling, small volumes of finger-prick blood are allowed to dry on a special paper substrate. To date, however, the application of DBS has been hampered since existing techniques do not involve volume control and thus are unable to measure an exact amount of blood, which means that many types of analyzes are not suitable with DBS.

The Swedish company takes the DBS technology to a whole new level with a solution designed for home sampling and automatically measures an exact amount of blood. This means that it can be used for far more analyzes than has been possible with existing technologies.

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