New technology can contribute to safer diagnoses of diseases of the coronary heart

One of the most common causes of death in the world comes from diseases of the coronary arteries, the heart’s own blood vessels. Coronary artery disease occurs through constriction of the coronary arteries that leads to a pressure drop which can cause heart attack and stroke. Diseases of the coronary heart are the leading single cause of death in Europe, with 862,000 deaths (19%) among men each year and 877,000 deaths (20%) among women.

Pressure measurement for the diagnosis of coronary heart disease has great advantages over traditional care. Among other things, clinical studies have shown that the risk of death decreases by more than 30% if pressure measurement is used as a diagnostic method. However, the existing technique for pressure measurement is difficult to use, technically complex and result in unstable measurement results, and consequently the method is used to a lesser extent than the medical guidelines recommend.

Despite these difficulties, the global market for diagnosis of constriction in coronary vessels by means of pressure measurement amounted to SEK 4 billion in 2018. Expected annual growth is 16%, which means that the global market is estimated to amount to about SEK 12 billion in 2025. The growth is based on increased awareness of the advantages of pressure measurement, an aging population and a growing number of cardiac patients worldwide. These development trends indicate a strong need for new and more efficient products.

Sciety is now funding a Swedish Uppsala-based company that has developed a patent-pending technology for measuring pressure in coronary vessels. This technology challenges the existing technologies by being simpler and providing more reliable results. To contribute to safer diagnoses for patients with heart problems worldwide, the company’s goal is to reach the global market over time.

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